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Single Barrel

 Jack Daniel's Single Barrel comes from a single barrel, chosen by Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford for its excellence.  It is left in the barrel for six the seven years and is bottled at 45% or 90 proof.  You can even buy your own barrel for around $9000.00US.  I am wanting to buy my own barrel and are looking for people to buy bottles from the barrel.  If you are interested please email me.

The first SB is one my dad bought me in 1999 for working on his house.  The date has faded on the neck of the bottle. You see each SB has its own barrel number and date of bottling.  If you have the right date, collectors will pay good money.


Next is one of my Favourite SB.  It is the barrel a buch of us collectors chipped in and bought.  Big thanks to GermanJack (Andreas) for making this happen.  It was named after the Jack Daniels Collectors forum - Maxwells House -

Andreas and Dalewoo organised a 50th Anniversary Squire Bottle for the BBQ in 2006.

The next SB is a Ducks Unlimited bottle.  The first time they had a different coloured top.

Money raised helps the ducks in the USA.  Check out the cool ring tag around the neck

The next photos show three different tops.  The first top, the embossed logo and the ducks.

Last but not least a SB mini...aren't they cute?

This is a very special SB, it is from a very special persons own barrel.  It is an honor to have one in my collection.


JD Maniacs SB

Hans and Isy's Wedding SB

Ducks 08

Jimmy Bedford Retirement Bottle.

Jimmy was given a Barrel by Brown Foreman

These bottles are hard to get

Also has the a new top

New Shape Single Barrel Bottle

Check out the top and the hang tag and the box!

Ducks 09 Tin Set

New 1000ml SB from Tennessee

French Hangtag from 1999

NZ's First Publicly sold SB.  Done by Liqourland NZ

SB Gift pack with glasses

New cute SB mini

GPW 2009 and 2010

American Forests SB

JD BBQ 2007 - Very special bottle for many reasons

Maxwell House 2010 SB

Super rare and elusive Korean 500ml SB

SB Family Pic

Ducks tin set 2010

DFS 50th Anniversdary SB

Sydney 2010

JeePee's SB - A very special bottle

SB Gift set xmas 2010

Liquorland NZ "Here's to you" Barrel

Frank Bobo Etched SB

Mini gift pack from Aussie

Korean Wooden box set

Motley Crue 1 of 290

French SB with Stand 2011


Liqourland Barrel 3 2011

2011 Xmas Gift Set

ISJDC Single Barrel

Internation Squire SB

Squire 1 Barrel

2011 Ducks tion

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